Based in Lincolnshire, I specialise in the conservation and restoration of Turret and domestic clocks. My whole work ethic is behind originality, retaining where possible, the historic integrity of any clock mechanism. I have over 30 years experience in the restoration of clocks:

  • Mechanism Servicing & Repair
  • Case Restoration & Repair & Polishing
  • Dial & Hand Restoration, Re painting & Numeral re-inking
  • Fitting of Automatic Winding to Church Clocks
  • Fitting of Automatic Time Regulation and Summer/Winter time changes
  • Annual Servicing of Church and Stable Clocks.

I cover most of the UK, just enquire.

In our modern world we expect our time keepers to be accurate and reliable, so after extensive research I have found an Auto Winding System that has very little alteration to the original clock mechanism, no need for extra frames, weights or pulleys, is compact, reliable and also has a battery back up in the event of power failure, which will keep your clock going for several days.

Contact: Wayne Francis 07764751896 / 01205 460989

Clockwise Restorations

Fairview, Algarkirk, Boston, Lincolnshire, PE20 2LJ.


Recent Work:

St Marys Church, Grendon, near Northampton.

High pigment black enamel paint.

23.5 carat double layered gold leaf.

I was asked to preserve the character of the dial, retaining the dents from gun shots and stones from catapults! That made the repainting and lettering difficult.

The 1779 clock of Stainfield Church Lincolnshire. It hadn’t run in living memory. I restored the mechanism, made a new clock face, and fitted Auto winding after it was realised the clock needed winding twice a week!

Barrington Church Cambridgeshire. Very badly worn teeth and Lantern Pinions. You can see the wear to pins and their holes. Below is after repair and retaining original brass cage with new pins. Restored time side with new Auto Winding. Strike side to be restored at a later date. I was happy to split the work up to allow fundraising in between.

Smisby Derbyshire. The clock stopped striking. It was found to be a seized weight pulley. The clock was serviced while there and an annual service agreement put in place. A very unusual clock mechanism, one of only a couple known to exist.

Example of two AW40 Auto Wind units fitted to a test bed clock. You can see how they clamp to the winding squares and drive the complete train of wheels all in the correct direction. This follows up to date guidelines in conservation. Easily removed showing virtually no sign they were ever fitted.

I’m more than happy to chat to you about your requirements and answer any questions. You can contact me on 07764751896, email me at or use the form below

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